Support is provided through our NNTP newsgroups, which enable us to target a higher number of requests in the shortest amount of time, while allowing customers to benefit from answers given to others.

Our free, public newsgroups are available at: news:// To access these groups, you will need a NNTP news reader application, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook Express, or Windows Mail.

If you are unable to use the newsgroups for technical reasons, we provide web-based forums too. You'll need to register (create a forum account) before posting a new message or replying. The VIP code needed to register is 3310. Note: You may need to type this code in more than once depending on the exact VIP code question. For example, if asked to enter the code twice, then enter '33103310' (no quotes).

If you cannot use the NNTP newsgroups nor the web-based forums, please click here to send us an email instead (remove ~NO~SPAM~ from our address). Keep in mind that since the newsgroups are our preferred channel for providing support, response time for emails is typically longer.