ANN: 50% off for anyone who attends HTML5 Live.

John Allsopp, well known CSS expert and author, is holding a live, online HTML5 course starting next Monday, and running for two weeks.

This course features detailed articles, videos, screencasts and plenty of hands on exercises.

If you've seen the HTML5 hyper, then this will be the HTML5 reality - practical, usable powerful new language features. And if you're comfortable hand coding HTML with TopStyle you're ready to go.

And all for just $9.95! Yep, there's no typo there.

The lessons take about an hour each, and you can do them any time during the day - plus they'll stay online for you to go back to any time.

If you want to stay on top of your game, just $10 and one hour a day for two weeks will help you become an HTML5 guru.

For HTML5 Live attendees only, we have lined up some fantastic offers, including

So, by taking this course, you can actually save more money than it costs!

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