ANN: TopStyle build

TopStyle is available! Please download TopStyle here:

  • New settings: Options (F8) > Editor > Hidden Characters
  • New color-coding category named "identifiers" for script (JavaScript, PHP, etc)
  • New setting: Options (F8) > Editor > "Keep text selection when applying formatting (for example: Ctrl+B)".

  • FTP explorer panel
  • New "breadcrumbs" in the FTP explorer panel for easier navigation through (sub)directories.
  • New: headers in FTP explorer panel are clickable. When you click a header, the FTP explorer panel is sorted by that particular column.

  • Output panel
  • New toolbar for the Messages tab with the following buttons:
  • Export to HTML
  • Disable Message
  • Enable Message
  • Sort by file name (ascending)
  • Sort by file name (descending)
  • Sort by (sub)directory name (ascending)
  • Sort by (sub)directory name (descending)
  • Inspector panel
  • Added new HTML definition for HTML 5 (Draft Standard — 6 July 2009)

  • Style Sweeper
  • Added new setting: convert '0px' and '0pt' values to '0'.

  • Validation
  • Added HTML link checking (requires CSE HTML Validator)
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